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Team 3 – Shock & Awe

Produce the finest, high-tech, professional, and exciting worship service that make the word of God seen and heard with cutting edge applications.
   Launch Date To Be Announced for ( * ) Categories
Lights – Design creative lighting arrangements, program and operate light console
Video Production – Create storyboards, capture video and edit video
Sound Tech – Operate the sound board and optimize the mix
Pro Department – Deliver video content, backgrounds, slides and graphic through computer system
      Photography – Capture services and events in pictures and
      manage the photo album
Web IT – Create an online presence that mirrors the life of the Church and IT Support
ProductionDesign, build, set-up and tear down stage sets
and thematic elements
Drama & DancePerform skits, dances, drama and painting
during worship services and special events
*Info Central – Answer questions and provide information regarding  small groups, ministries, and events
*Media Sales – Offer assistance with the sale of message
CD/DVDs and targeted Brandon Church accessories
*Worship Guide Prep –  Prepare and assemble worship guides
guides for service
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